2024 Doubles Cup

Neutral venue in brackets. Please note that neutral venues are not negotiable – the matches must be played at these venues.

Preliminary Round

Best of 5 frames. All matches to be played by 31st March.

Michael Shallcross and Rich Shallcross 3-1 Noel Broadbent and Russ Broadbent (Crescent)
Zena Verney and Kirsen Frost 0-3 Chris Watson and Mike Ragg (Castle)
Ewan Ward and Jack Woolgar bye Ian Clish and Stu Weston (Walmgate Ale House)
Toby Bashforth and Theo Smith 1-3 Bob Leyland and Sonny Battles (Phoenix)

1st round

Best of 5 frames. All matches to be played by 30th April.

Michael Shallcross and Rich Shallcross 3-1 Gordon King and Will Roberts (Phoenix)
Chris Watson and Mike Ragg 3-2 Glen Chittock and Mike Kearney (Castle)
Ian Clish and Stu Weston vs. Harry Philips and Jack Hawkins (Ackhorne)
Bob Leyland and Sonny Battles vs. Gavin Bellerby and Dan Nelson (Walmgate Ale House)
Dave Wheable and Sean Madigan 3-0 John Shepherdson and Steve Russell (Waggon & Horses)
Steff Armstrong and Baz Jones 2-3 Leo Clayton and Wilf Williams (Waggon & Horses)
Jake Sellers and Theo Kay 0-3 Ben Thorpe and Geraint Davies (Crescent)
George Baker and Tyler Kelly vs. Colin Chambers and Rich Dixon (Ackhorne)

Quarter Finals

Best of 5 frames. All matches to be played by [tbc].

Semi Finals

Best of 7 frames. All matches to be played by [tbc].


Best of 7 frames. To be played on [tbc].


  • The Doubles Cup is a straight knock-out competition.
  • The draw for each round will be unseeded.
  • All matches to be played on neutral tables, drawn at random by the league organiser.
  • Matches in the early rounds are played as best of 5 (first to 3 frames). Semi-finals and Final will be best of 7 (first to 4 frames).
  • If a match ends in a tie, then further frames are played until the tie is broken.

Playing of matches

  • Matches must be played by the date specified on the draw sheet. The players involved can mutually agree on a date and time.
  • For the semi-final, players are encouraged to notify the league organiser/their team captain/league Facebook page etc of the place, date and time of the fixture.
  • If one player has attempted to arrange a match in advance of the last day deadline (via phone number provided on singles league entry) and has not received a response from their opponent then they will automatically win that round.
  • If both players are not able to play their match by the deadline they must notify the league organiser in advance of the deadline with a date set for their match within one week past the deadline, else a winner may be declared randomly if both players fail to attempt to arrange a match. If a match cannot be scheduled until more than one week after the deadline, a random winner may be decided to avoid subsequent rounds running out of time, to be decided at league organisers discretion.
  • Each frame will be started with each pair making a break off shot. The game will then continue when the second pair’s break ends. The timer will not be reset after either opening break. The initial breaking pair/breaking player in each pair will alternate frame-by-frame.

Neutral scorer

  • Before the quarter-finals, participants may request a neutral scorer for their match if one is available. From the quarter-finals onwards, a neutral scorer will be present at every match.