2017 Singles Cup

Rules of competition listed at end of page.

Contact Geraint on 07903298916 or [email protected] with match results.

  • Result of Final: Geraint Davies 2, Ian Clish 4

Final (to be played at Walmgate Ale House on 22nd November)

  • Geraint Davies v Ian Clish

Semi finals (to be played by 2nd November)

  • Geraint Davies (Phoenix) v Colin Chambers (Golden Ball)
  • Chris Watson (Golden Ball) v Ian Clish (Waggon and Horses)

Quarter finals (to be played by 19th October)

  • Dave Wheable (Phoenix) v Geraint Davies (Phoenix)
  • Chris Watson (Golden Ball) v Karen Cranfield (Phoenix)
  • Ian Clish (Waggon and Horses) v Gordon King (York Brewery)
  • Colin Chambers (Golden Ball) v Neil Trafford (Waggon and Horses)

Third Round (to be played by 21st September):

  • Colin Chambers (Golden Ball) v Chris Sherrington (Golden Ball)
  • Jason Bailey (Waggon and Horses) v Geraint Davies (Phoenix)
  • Richard Shallcross (Golden Ball) v Ian Clish (Waggon and Horses)
  • Gordon King (York Brewery) v Tim Peace (Crescent Club)
  • Dave Wheable (Phoenix) v Karl Walker (Crescent Club)
  • Harry Clish (Waggon and Horses) v Neil Trafford (Waggon and Horses)
  • Karen Cranfield (Phoenix) v Danny Morley (Knavesmire)
  • Richard Dixon (Golden Ball) v Chris Watson (Golden Ball)

Second Round (to be played by 22nd Aug):

  • Richard Shallcross (Golden Ball) v Steve Bradley (Walmgate Ale House)
  • Neil Trafford (Waggon & Horses) v James Learmonth (Golden Ball)
  • Karl Walker (Crescent Club) v Ian Cameron (York Brewery)
  • Danny Morley (Knavesmire) v Steve Russell (Walmgate Ale House)
  • Ed Leyland (Crescent Club) v Gordon King (York Brewery)
  • Richard Dixon (Golden Ball) v Michael Shallcross (Golden Ball)
  • John Buckle (York Brewery) v Chris Watson (Golden Ball)
  • Jess Parker (Crescent Club) v Ian Clish (Waggon & Horses)
  • Ben Thorpe (Phoenix) v Karen Cranfield (Phoenix)
  • Chris Sherrington (Golden Ball) v Leo Clayton (Golden Ball)
  • Jan Bell (York Brewery) v Jason Bailey (Waggon & Horses)
  • James Budden (University) v Geraint Davies (Phoenix)
  • Colin Chambers (Golden Ball) v Paul Cranfield (Waggon & Horses)
  • Bob Leyland (Crescent Club) v Dave Wheable (Phoenix)
  • Tim Peace (Crescent Club) v Jack Woolgar (Crescent Club)
  • Harry Clish (Waggon & Horses) v James Tipping (York Brewery)

First Round (to be played by 25th July):

  • Jack Woolgar (Crescent Club) v Chris Clark (Waggon & Horses)
  • Will Britton (Waggon & Horses) v Danny Morley (Knavesmire)
  • Tom Morris (York Brewery) v Gordon King (York Brewery)
  • Callum Crowe (Crescent Club) v Colin Chambers (Golden Ball)

All other entrants have a bye through to the second round.

  • The Singles Cup is a straight knock-out competition.
  • The draw for each round will be unseeded.
  • Some players may be required to play qualifying rounds if the field of players is too large. Qualifying round matches are played over two frames, with the higher aggregate score being the winner.
  • All matches to be played on neutral tables. If players are unable to agree on a choice of neutral table the league organiser (currently Geraint Davies 07903298916) can be contacted to decide on a table, which will be an automatically randomly selected table from the league’s neutral tables.
  • Matches in the early rounds are played as best of three (first to 2). Last 16 and quarter-finals will be best of 5 (first to 3 frames), semi-finals and final will be best of 7 (first to 4 frames).
  • If a Singles Cup match ends in a tie, then further frames are played until the tie is broken.

Playing of matches

  • Matches must be played by the date specified on the draw sheet. The players involved can mutually agree on a date and time.
  • For the semi-final, players are encouraged to notify the league organiser/their team captain/league Facebook page etc of the place, date and time of the fixture.
  • A coin is tossed to decide which player will break in the first frame. In subsequent frames, the break alternates.
  • The singles league is open to players not in a team that season.
  • If one player has attempted to arrange a match in advance of the last day deadline (via phone number provided on singles league entry) and has not received a response from their opponent then they will automatically win that round.
  • If both players are not able to play their match by the deadline they must notify the league organiser in advance of the deadline with a date set for their match within one week past the deadline, else a winner may be declared randomly if both players fail to attempt to arrange a match. If a match cannot be scheduled until more than one week after the deadline, a random winner may be decided to avoid subsequent rounds running out of time, to be decided at league organisers discretion.

Neutral scorer

  • Before the quarter-finals, participants may request a neutral scorer for their match if one is available. From the quarter-finals onwards, a neutral scorer will be present at every match.

Hospitality The winning player in each match will buy the losing player a drink as a ‘thank you’ for the match, unless otherwise agreed.