2019/20 Doubles Cup

All preliminary and first-round ties to be played by Thursday 12 December. See the 2019/20 Singles Cup page for knockout rules.

Preliminary Round (Best of three frames):

  • Colin Chambers/Richard Dixon (GB) 2-0 Stu Weston/Danny Morley (K)
  • Mike Edmondson/Lee Toone 2-0 Dave L/Richard Shallcross (GB)

First Round (Best of three frames):

  • Ben Thorpe/Geraint Davies 2-0 Leo Clayton/Mike Ragg (GB)
  • Harry Clish/Ian Clish (K) 2-0 Simon Mollan/Ben Richards (WAH)
  • Karl David/Jack Woolgar (CC) 1-2 Chris Watson/James Learmonth (GB)
  • Bob Leyland/Glyn Ellis (CC) 1-2 Wilf Williams/Karen Cranfield (YB)
  • Neil Trafford/Jason Bailey 2-0 Gordon King/Noel Broadbent (YB)
  • Michael Shallcross/Graham Durant (GB) 2-1 Dave C/TimG
  • Ian Cameron/John Buckle (YB) 0-2 Colin Chambers/Richard Dixon (GB)
  • Glen/Mike 2-0 Mike Edmondson/Lee Toone

Quarter Finals (Best of five frames):

  • Neil Trafford/Jason Bailey 3-2 Michael Shallcross/Graham Durant (GB)
  • Wilf Williams/Karen Cranfield (YB) 1-3 Glen/Mike
  • Harry Clish/Ian Clish (K) 2-3 Colin Chambers/Richard Dixon (GB)
  • Chris Watson/James Learmonth (GB) v Ben Thorpe/Geraint Davies

Semi finals (Best of seven frames):

  • Neil Trafford/Jason Bailey 2-4 Colin Chambers/Richard Dixon (GB)
  • Glen/Mike 1-4 Ben Thorpe/Geraint Davies

Final (Best of seven frames):

  • Colin Chambers/Richard Dixon 3-4 Ben Thorpe/Geraint Davies


  • The Doubles Cup is a straight knock-out competition.
  • The draw for each round will be unseeded.
  • All matches are to be played at the venue chosen by first player drawn, other player to break first. Semi-finals and final to be played on neutral venue.
  • Matches in the early rounds are played as best of three (first to 2). Quarter-finals will be best of 5 (first to 3 frames), semi-finals and final will be best of 7 (first to 4 frames).
  • If a Singles Cup match ends in a tie, then further frames are played until the tie is broken.

Playing of matches

  • Matches must be played by the date specified on the draw sheet. The players involved can mutually agree on a date and time.
  • For the semi-final, players are encouraged to notify the league organiser/their team captain/league Facebook page etc of the place, date and time of the fixture.
  • The singles league is open to players not in a team that season.
  • If one player has attempted to arrange a match in advance of the last day deadline (via phone number provided on singles league entry) and has not received a response from their opponent then they will automatically win that round.
  • If both players are not able to play their match by the deadline they must notify the league organiser in advance of the deadline with a date set for their match within one week past the deadline, else a winner may be declared randomly if both players fail to attempt to arrange a match. If a match cannot be scheduled until more than one week after the deadline, a random winner may be decided to avoid subsequent rounds running out of time, to be decided at league organisers discretion.

Neutral scorer

  • Before the quarter-finals, participants may request a neutral scorer for their match if one is available. From the quarter-finals onwards, a neutral scorer will be present at every match.


  • The winning player in each match will buy the losing player a drink as a ‘thank you’ for the match, unless otherwise agreed.